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The Australian Harbour International College is maintained with lecture rooms. Facilities and equipment are set-up, checked and regularly maintained to ensure effective and efficient operation. Students have access to necessary instructional and assessment facilities, materials and equipment. In the event of a planned relocation of the College, we will notify ASQA and our students at least three weeks before the relocation occurs. This notification will provide details of our new address, a map of how to get there and other details relevant to the relocation and student studies during this transition period. Australian Harbour International College (AHIC) is a registered provider of a vocational education and training, offering courses in Nursing, Accounting, Business, Leadership and Information Technology. We are registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) regulator to deliver nationally recognized qualifications. All our courses follow the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and meet the standards specified by the VET Quality Framework. By completing courses with us, students open up a pathway to enter into most universities in Australia and are well prepared for real-life work. We emphasise quality education by creating unique learning opportunities for students.

TEACHING METHOD- Every subject may be different, so it is important to study the subject outline and tutors will explain the details at the start of the subject. There are lectures supported by power point slides plus visual topic content, with practice time, tutorial time and extra skills tutoring. Business subjects refer to Australian business case studies plus simulations, excursions, and active learning. Your materials are provided in print and digital copy as part of the course.

ASSESSMENT METHOD-Assessments may include short written knowledge tests, discussions and oral communication demonstrations, case study exercises, written reports, web based research and reports, practical demonstration, projects and written exams. To perform at your best, you will probably need to work on the assessments outside of class time.

RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING-Students who have completed relevant studies or have some of the competencies in the course may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Application for RPL can be made with the initial application or can be made within two weeks of the course commencement using the RPL Application Form and by providing supporting documents. Please note that RPL cannot result in an international student having less than a full time load of study (20 hours).

PATHWAYS-Australian Harbour Interntional College strives to provide students with learning pathways that best suit their desired academic outcomes, and eventual professional ambitions through articulation into further education in Australian universities or Entry to the global workforce.


Location- Centrally located in Sydney CBD making transportation easier.

Multicultural-Environment AHIC hosts students from more than 45-r different countries and trainers from more than 13 countries.

Facilities and Equipment-AHIC is maintained with lecture rooms facilities and equipment are set up.

Recognition-AHIC is a renowned VET provider that complies with the Vocational Quality Framework (VQF), the National Code of Practice 2018 and other requirements specified by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Welfare Management-AHIC arranges homestay services and airport pickup services for its under 18 students.

Be your own Master-The Courses in AHIC are skill-oriented and practical based which are in most demand in today's global market.