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About Us

Located in Parramatta, Sydney, Training for Knowledge & Livelihood (TKL) College provides courses in the areas of Business, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Commercial Cookery and Hospitality Management, Child Care & Information Technology. With well-located and comfortable facilities for students, highly qualified industry experienced trainers and assessors along with modern equipment and resources; TKL College is a wise choice for your learning and future. About Us TKL College is a provider of vocational education and training (or VET as it is commonly known). The VET sector in Australia is based on a partnership between governments and industry. VET qualifications are provided by government institutions, called Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions, as well as private institutions. We are a private institution. VET courses broaden your skills in specialized areas and are competency based. This means that you are either Competent, or Not Competent, and if you achieve competence for all your units that make up a qualification then you can be awarded with your qualification certificate.

Why TKL College?

At TKL College, “we believe that education is more affordable than ignorance”. We work hard to make sure that you get valuable education and significant learning experience. We also strive to help you achieve your academic goals and inspire you to get focused on your career quest.

Specialized in providing professional vocational training and academic pathways programs

  • We offer courses that are current and industry preferred.
  • Our academic team has relevant Industry experience.
  • Rich learning resources that are learner friendly and updated regularly.
  • We provide small classroom sizes.
  • Flexibility in learning style, assessment method, facility, and resources.
  • Apart from the regular studying and learning, there are many ways in which you can get involved in and outside the college