Salymbekov Medical University

Salymbekov Medical University

About SMU

Founded in 2019, the Salymbekov University Institution represents a direct extension of the Askar Salymbekov Foundation’s educational initiatives since 2012. These projects aimed to identify critical areas for fostering the development of human resources, education, and science, fostering the emergence of a new generation of enlightened youth. Situated in Kyrgyzstan, Salymbekov Medical University boasts state-of-the-art medical equipment, impressive infrastructure, and a competitive medical faculty well-versed in medical education and fluent in English. The university is not only open to domestic students but also welcomes international students.

The MBBS course features instruction from international medical faculties, incorporating practical studies. Canonical disciplines and practical seminars are conducted in specially equipped classrooms, complete with human dummies and medical tools like microscopes, chemicals, and physics equipment.

Salymbekov University invites foreign applicants to pursue a high-quality medical education, specializing in “General Medicine” leading to the qualification of “Doctor.” The study process adheres to international standards, and the university operates three clinics in Bishkek, equipped with modern facilities and qualified personnel. Recognized by WHO (World Directory of Medical Schools), FAIMER, and WFME, the university is also a member of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of Kyrgyzstan.

Academic Enrichment

  • 7 laboratories of chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, anatomy
  • 2 diagnostic laboratorios
  • Simulation and dumimy conter
  • Preparator classes
  • 3 clinics equipped with modern equipment
  • Cooperation with fercign universities and stinics
  • Ranking – Sulymbekov University israced 49n kyrgyzstartand
  • 13.279 in the world