Thirty-four years ago, the late Er. Bhaskar Tiwari, a respected figure in the city, envisioned his youngest brother, Dr. Sudhakar Tiwari, becoming a doctor. Faced with the challenges of medical admissions in India, Er. Bhaskar Tiwari established MAXIM Infrastructure and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Recognizing the golden opportunity for Indian students to study MBBS abroad, he ensured top-notch infrastructure and faculty in leading universities. In 1990, Er. Bhaskar Tiwari founded MAXIM Infrastructure & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Drawing from his own experiences, the organization has since facilitated students studying abroad, particularly in Europe’s renowned medical colleges. Dr. Sudhakar Tiwari, the current director, obtained his medical degree from the USSR in 1997. Entrusted with the responsibility by his brother, Dr. Sudhakar Tiwari has guided MAXIM to become India’s most trusted and successful consultancy firm. MAXIM’s dedication to excellence and integrity has shaped it into a beacon of hope for aspiring medical professionals nationwide.

Despite enduring 34 years of challenges, our institution prioritizes student welfare. Over 5,450 doctors have completed their courses, serving nationwide. We’ve earned numerous National & International awards for our contributions. Our aim: affordable degrees from top-ranking universities recognized by MCI and WHO, empowering middle-class families.

Under Dr. Sudhakar Tiwari’s leadership, we enhance educational opportunities by connecting with esteemed universities. MAXIM’s success is credited to Er. Bhaskar Tiwari’s relentless efforts and our team’s loyalty. Through continuous innovation and dedication, we strive to uplift aspiring medical professionals and pave the way for their success. Best wishes to all students for a prosperous future.

   Our Guiding 

To offer our students the most exceptional facilities available.

 Our Principles 

Unrivaled dedication to delivering the finest to our students.

The Cornerstone of Success

Student happiness and achievements define success.

Extensive Expertise 

Decades of experience are our most valuable asset.

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Maxim Consultancy - Think Maxim for MBBS, where exceptional services

State CM honored as top foreign MBBS education consultant (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc)

MAXIM provides comprehensive support for undergraduate and postgraduate programs across top fields like MBBS, MBA, Engineering, etc., at esteemed government universities abroad (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc). From student counseling to pre-admission necessities, travel arrangements, currency exchange, insurance, and beyond, we ensure assistance in every essential aspect.

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Our fundamental beliefs and principles
Providing our students with the highest quality facilities is at the core of our philosophy.
Our guiding principles
I have made it clear throughout that my guiding principle is that of balancing a life against a life.
The cornerstone of success
A certain trait, strategy, or action that one must have or take in order to be successful.
Extensive expertise
Focus on those skills & strengths that you possess and that you have identified field.

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