Our Offered Services:

Consultancy and Guidance Services :

We maintain a Maxim office within the hostel premises to provide continuous support to students throughout their entire study duration. Maxim stands as a trustworthy consultant for foreign education, dedicated to aiding ambitious students in securing admissions to esteemed international universities. Offering comprehensive solutions encompassing visas, admissions, education loans, passports, air tickets, and more, we emerge as a premier consultant for MBBS studies in India. Our approachable and supportive team of foreign education consultants comprehends your potential and guides you in making informed career choices, paving the way for future professional success.

Airport Departure Services: Maxim offers comprehensive support for airport departures, including travel card arrangements and efficient airport pickups from the airport to the university. We take charge of booking flights in advance, ensuring students secure ideal departure dates and routes at affordable discounted rates. Additionally, we guide students in selecting airlines with favorable baggage schemes. Our dedicated staff assists students with all essential requirements, purchases, booking procedures, and provides guidance for a smooth journey.

National Bank Loan and Financial Assistance Services :

Maxim provides valuable support in securing 700 national bank loans and financial assistance for students aspiring to pursue education abroad. Our experienced team facilitates the loan application process, guiding students through the necessary steps to obtain financial support for their academic journey. We aim to ensure that students have access to the resources they need to fulfill their educational aspirations.

At Maxim, we go beyond standard assistance to offer comprehensive support to students embarking on their educational journey abroad. Our array of additional support services includes guidance on accommodation arrangements, local transportation, and adapting to the new cultural environment. We are committed to ensuring that students have a seamless and enriching experience throughout their time abroad, providing assistance in various aspects to help them focus on their studies and personal growth.