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Many students dream that they can make their future bright by studying MBBS in world-class medical education universities. But there are many reasons that create their dreams and the barriers between them. We overcome such obstacles. Maxim Consultancy provides admission guidance and services to students seeking medical education abroad. We are proud of our rich heritage of 30 years. We have sent students to medical institutions mainly in Russia, Ukraine, China, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. Since then our students have given us pride in doing excellent work as a good doctor in many important medical institutions.

During this time, we take the utmost care of our students as a father takes care of his son. Our services not only include admission guidance, but we also take special care of the transfer, accommodation, foods, and other needs of the students during their stay abroad. We understand all the challenges facing our students. We know how difficult it is to adapt to living in the new culture and environment of a new country. Therefore, we ensure personal support for the students. Medical education is unorganized in India with very few seats in government colleges and exceptional fee structures in private colleges. This is the reason why students who perform well in a tough competition like NEET also do not get the opportunity to pursue medical education.

State-of-the-art laboratories, experienced faculties, and a host of Russia and other countries claim excellent medical facilities and institutions, ensuring academic quality with academic rigor. Where the quality of education is never compromised. The cost of medical education is much lower in these countries than in India. This makes Russia and other countries the destination of choice for many skilled students. About 4425 students of Maxim have successfully completed MBBS and have made us proud by excelling in their medical careers in India as well as abroad. Each year, dozens of proficient Indian students are joining these colleges through Maxim and giving wings to their dreams. Through years of hard work, dedication, and trust, Maxim has set a precedent for itself in an industry where new players appear and disappear every day.

With the introduction of NEXT for integrating and streamlining medical education and master’s education through the National Medical Commission Act, the government has made this system more robust for students wishing to come back and make their posts in India -There is no scope for ambiguity to pursue graduation. Join hands with us to create a career of your choice by considering this great opportunity. Over the years our value systems have made us the best choice for educational consulting. Our students are witness to the fact that the Adify LLC company is a beneficiary of Maxim based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our main objective is to work mutually to provide a better quality of education and support to all Indian and foreign students.

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Our Achievements

Total Students 200 approx

Girls-110 | Boys-92

Total Students 250 approx

Girls-95 | Boys-150

Total Students 300 approx

Girls-120 | Boys-150

Total Students 300 approx

Girls-180 | Boys-115

Total Students 300 approx

Girls-180 | Boys-115

Total Students 240 approx

Girls-140 | Boys-100