Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University

It is one among the highest medical universities of Kazakhstan. The university was established within the country of Almaty city within the year 1930. the govt of Kazakhstan gave the title of National university to Kazakh National Medical University within the year 2001 thanks to its best academic results.

The Kazakh National Medical University possesses recognition from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Number of courses like bachelor, masters and doctorate programs are offered by this university for the students who wants to study.

The university has well equipped, modern infrastructure and therefore the best medical instruments. There are about 1500 faculty members who are performing at the Kazakh National Medical University and about 11,000 students are studying at this university. Many students from many various countries apply to urge admission at the Kazakh National Medical University.

Why Study at Kazakh National Medical University?

  1. It is the highest university in Kazakhstan.
  2. The Kazakhstan city is rich in natural and pure natural resource .
  3. As Kazakhstan may be a best place in terms of education sector, it’s a regional study hub for central Asia.
  4. At Kazakh national medical university, one semester contains 5 months.
  5. The university offers its curriculum in English medium.
  6. The fees are low compared to other universities.
  7. The university has highly qualified teaching faculty and thus the standard of education is that the best.
  8. University features a very large and nice campus which is that the largest within the country.